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Spectrum Moto XR650L Lithium Ion Battery Box Outside

XR650L Lithium-Ion Battery Box (Std Tire Size)

SKU: S-900000

Our ruggedly constructed aluminum battery box allows you to drop 7lb of weight from your XR650L, and provides the ability to run an XR600R side panel for improved ergonomics and aesthetics. Designed with the minimalist in mind, this product is optimal for those looking to run the smallest battery possible in the tightest form factor. The assembly is completely sealed, and does not require re-routing of electronics and wiring to other locations on the bike. Reap the benefits of running a modern lithium-ion battery, and a robust programmable ignition, while dropping serious weight form your bike!


We advise running these AG-401 batteries for stock compression engines only. If you want to run a high compression piston with the AG-401, it is strongly advised that you retain the decompression mechanism on your cam, or at minimum have a kick start backup.


*Battery box requires the use of an Anti-Gravity AG-401 battery and Ignitech ignition (Sparker DCCDIP). Battery box does not support the OEM CDI.


Installation Instructions


    Compatible with all production year XR650L motorcycles (1993-2021)

    Allows the use of an XR600R side panel

    ***NOT Recommended for tires greater than 130mm wide. See other battery box model for compatibility with 150mm wide tires.


    Buyers pays return shipping. Parts must be in unused condition.


    Ships UPS Ground

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