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XR650L CDI Ignitech Spectrum Moto

XR650L CDI (Programmable Sparker DCCDIP)

SKU: S-400010

Programmable XR650L CDI ignition. Plug and play with your OEM wiring harness. Direct fit into our Spectrum Moto battery box. You can trust in the proven reliability and robustness that Ignitech has come to be known for over the years. Ignition functionality includes:


-Fully customizable ignition timing curves using free software (download below).

-Connects with USB to Serial COMs cable (available here), required for programming custom maps.

-Can switch between two different map profiles on the fly (A&B map) using our standalone map switch.

-Output for shift light

-Output for tachometer

-Interfaces directly with OEM wiring, no modifications required.

-Comes pre-loaded with two maps


Ignition is ready to run your bike as delivered. No map customization required to get going. 

We have two map options available.


#1) Standard Map: These are maps that have been verified to work very well with mostly stock engines. This is the standard set of maps most people run. Map "A" is a more aggressive timing curve than OEM, while map "B" is the OEM XR650L curve.


#2) High Compression Map: If you are running a higher compression piston or some other significant engine modification, please enter your engine specifications (most critically engine compression ratio) into the notes section at checkout so that we can pre-program your CDI accordingly. If you do not enter your engine specs in the note section at checkout, we will default to programming for a 10.5:1 compression ratio. Higher compression engines will not run well on the standard maps and require less ignition advance in most cases. 


Check out our blog post that details most technical information surrounding the Ignitech Ignition.


Download Links:

Ignitech Tuning Software

Operations Manual


    Compatible with all production year XR650L motorcycles


    Buyers pays return shipping. Parts must be in unused condition within 30days of purchase.


    Ships USPS First Class