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XR650L Battery Relocation ALTERNATIVE

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Considering ditching the ancient lead acid battery technology on your XR650L for a Lithium-Ion alternative? Many people have successfully relocated the battery along with all of the other associated electronics (ignition, fuse panel, starter solenoid) to other locations on the motorcycle. These options unfortunately compromise the environmental protection they were originally designed to have. Not to mention, most of these options require the factory wiring to be modified and the sheathing cut. The fuse panel is not designed to be in direct contact with water and debris, and neither is the OEM ignition module (which is already known to have premature failures even under ideal conditions).

Moving your ignition into the air box, and stuffing a battery under the seat is a straight up compromise in weight reduction vs electronics longevity and accessibility. Who wants to remove your seat every time you need access to your batter, or have to remove your ignition every time you change your air filter? We at Spectrum Moto sure didn't want to make those compromises. So what's the alternative?

We have developed a fully environmentally sealed battery box that maintains full factory wiring positioning, and maintains proper protection for the electronics, while providing excellent accessibility and durability. Did we mention it drops 7lb of weight on top of it all, and allows you to run an XR600R side panel if you stick with std size tires?

Our XR650L battery box product utilizes a lightweight Anti Gravity AG-401, along with an Ignitech DCCDIP ignition. This ignition has proven itself to be as reliable as a hammer, and allows for custom ignition maps to be created if you so choose. Alternatively, you can run the OEM map on your DCCDIP ignition if you so choose.

Take a look at our battery box product pages and decide whether you are still considering to relocate your electronics and settle for a less than ideal environmental protection, or move to a proven environmentally sealed arrangement that is specifically designed to simplify your Lithium-Ion battery upgrade and give you added value with a programmable ignition. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have!

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