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Tenere 700 Fender Eliminator Kit Installation

Tenere 700 Fender Eliminator Kit (Tail Tidy/Tidy Tail)

Table of Contents


Looking to add a fender eliminator kit to your Tenere 700? This guide will show you how to do the installation.

Tools Required

  • 8mm Socket with Ratchet

  • 10mm Socket with Ratchet

  • 4mm Hex Wrench (Allen)

  • 5mm Hex Wrench (Allen)

  • T40 Torx Driver

Components and Chemicals Required


Remove Both Seat Sections

After removing the rear seat section, use a 4mm Allen Wrench to remove the screws holding on the front seat, then remove the four cargo mounting points using a T40 Torx.

Remove Rear Cowling

Start by removing the six bolts under the rear cowling, then the side panels shown below using an 8mm socket:

Next remove the five screws and washers holding down the top of the rear cowl

Then slide the cowl backward off of the motorcycle:

Remove the Rear Tail Section

Start by disconnecting the turn signals, brake light, and license plate light

Next, remove the two nuts holding the tail light in place:

Cut the zip tie shown below (carefully), and remove the tail light:

Remove the four bolts holding the rest of the rear fender/tail section to the motorcycle:

Separate the rear tail section by removing bolts and cutting zip ties as shown below:

Remove tail light mount by removing two bolts from the underneath:

Next remove the rear cowl wire shield by removing the five bolts shown (you will first need to remove the license plate bracket to get to the top bolt from the opposite side:

Next remove the license plate light be removing the two bolts shown below, and pull the grommets and collars out of their holes.

Now pull each turn signal out of the tail section by spreading the rubber tabs and removing the inner plastic plate:

Install the Fender Eliminator Kit

Install the black metal rings onto each turn signal as shown, with the ring seated against the outermost portion of the turn signal:

Next install the turn signals (Pay attention to Left vs Right) into the new fender eliminator bracket, along with the grommets and collars. DO NOT FORGET to reinstall the plastic turn signal plates that key into the rubber tabs:

Now reinstall the license plate light using the nuts and washers, while feeding cable through center hole:

All three cables must be now fed through the rectangular hole as shown. They are then zip tied along the vertical face of the plate with the zip tie head INSIDE of the bracket (zip tie head must be inside to fit rear tail light).

Next, lay the bare aluminum spacer plate on top of the fender eliminator bracket while maintaining hole alignment. Install the four bolts and washers using a 10mm socket from the underside.

Reinstall the rear tail light angle bracket onto the tail light, then install the tail light assembly onto fender eliminator assembly using the original bolts.

Now the cable protection bracket can go on, and install using the newly supplied nuts and washers using an 8mm socket. The protection bracket must have the tab and slot connection (may need to move the tabs by pinching them together for proper alignment:

Now reconnect the cables and bundle them as shown (may need to zip tie):

Reinstall the rear cowl using the five black button head bolts with the copper/plastic collars:

Install the six underside bolts using an 8mm socket:

Now install the six screws holding on both side panels, and reinstall the seat:

Assembly is now complete. You can reinstall your license plate and ride like the wind!

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