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Tenere 700 Rear Fender Eliminator Kit (Tidy Tail/Tail Tidy)

Tenere 700 Rear Fender Eliminator Kit (Tidy Tail/Tail Tidy)

SKU: S-900010

Take the looks of your Tenere 700 to the next level with our rear fender eliminator kit (Tidy Tail/Tail Tidy). Fabricated from high strength aluminum, then anodized and laser etched for a long lasting durable finish. Our assembly is unique in that we have developed an underside rock guard to protect the wiring, just as was indended from the factory rear fender.  This guard does double duty by acting as a stiffening gusset to the entire fender eliminator kit, providing an incredibly light weight and very rigid mounting point for your turn signals and license plate. Our kit is also compatible with aftermarket LED turn signals by purchasing our LED adapters.


Total Weight Savings = 2.5lbs



Installation Instructions

Compatibility: Motorcycle Models: 2019-2024 Tenere 700

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