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XR650L Banjo Bolt Oil Sight Glass

XR650L Banjo Bolt Oil Sight Glass

SKU: S-900007

Our banjo bolt oil sight glass for the XR650L and XR600R provides visual feedback that you have oil flow to your cylinder head. Critical for ensuring adequate lubrication following oil changes, engine rebuilds, or even crashes that could potentially trap air in your oil pump, starving your engine of oil! We've been there, paid that repair bill, and promised ourselves we'd find a solution to eliminating oil starvation to XR cylinder heads. Providing real-time oil flow validation is our solution to that problem.This kit includes:

(1) Sight glass housing machined from billet aluminum, black anodized, and then laser etched.

(1) Specially designed banjo bolt that provides oil passageways through the sight glass assembly and into your engine.

(2) New copper crush washers that must be installed with the new assembly (they are larger diameter than OEM). This design utilizes a customized genuine borosilicate glass tube integral to the housing, providing a haze free crystal clear view of your oil flow! Our custom engineered banjo bolt has been analyzed with advanced simulation software for optimal dynamic fluid flow to ensure oil flow rates exceed OEM. The flow rate is equivalent to running the upper OEM banjo bolt with the oil passage holes drilled out to 1/8in diameter (3.2mm).




Installation Instructions

Learn More About XR's and Their Oiling System


    Compatible with all production year XR650L and XR600R motorcycles.


    Buyers pays return shipping. Parts must be in unused condition within 30 days of purchase.


    Ships USPS First Class

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