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Product Development Update - 4/20/2022

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

An update on what's been going on behind the scenes at Spectrum Moto.

Product Development


Manual Compression Release

As more and more OEM cams are replaced with aftermarket versions, XR650L owners inevitably pair this modification with a high compression piston. The majority of aftermarket cams force you to lose the auto-decompression mechanism. This mechanism helps get the engine rolling prior to making its first bang. All of these modifications make the rider happy, but if you talk to the starter motor, he'll tell you you're a jerk!

As a solution to this problem, we are in development of a manual decompression mechanism that will replace the right hand side exhaust valve cover. It would be manually operated via a cable and lever mounted to the handlebars. This will help get the engine rolling and build some inertia to aid in starting. For those with kick starters, this will also quickly allow for finding top dead center and purging the combustion chamber of excess gasoline during a flooding situation.

We are finalizing this design and will be testing some prototypes soon.


Programmable CDI

Even though the XR600R has been out of production for more than 20 years now (hard to believe), they're still out there tearing up the dirt. XR600R bikes run an AC ignition system, unlike the DC system on the XR650L. This makes the CDI between the two incompatible. We will soon have a programmable Ignitech CDI available for these bikes that will be externally identical to the XR650L Ignitech CDI, and have the same programmable software interface. We have had a number of requests for a solution to XR600R users wanting to modify ignition timing, and we have listened to them. These CDI's will be available in May after we make some evaluations by installing on a number of user's motorcycles. Stay tuned!

Tenere 700:

Rear Fender Eliminator

We have developed and prototyped a fender eliminator kit that is available to accept both OEM turn signals, as well as aftermarket ones. Our fender eliminator assembly is unique to competitors in that we have a separate interior panel that both stiffens the entire assembly, but also provides excellent protection for the turn signal/brake/license plate light wires from being bombarded by rocks and road debris. We will have production versions available at the end of April, and will put out an announcement.

Skid Plate

We have developed and prototyped a 3/16in thick anodized aluminum skid plate for the Tenere, complete with mounting brackets and hardware. The skid plate provides serious protection for the motorcycle and is orders of magnitude more durable and aesthetically pleasing than OEM. It provides excellent underside protection while maintaining a completely flat bottom to prevent any snags while traversing obstacles. The skid plate also provides protection to the exhaust headers that is lacking in other aftermarket options. We are currently in the testing phase of these prototypes with a number of volunteers across the US, and will have updates on production availability soon.

Non-Product Development Updates

Cross Country Ride:

I'll be taking a leave of absence at the end of May to embark on a journey from Pennsylvania to Colorado on the Tenere. I'll be one of a two person group that will be touring around Colorado's finest back country roads and trails in the San Juan mountain range area, eventually leading north through Aspen and into the northern regions of the state. The plan will be to check out Bishops Castle, Sand Dunes National Park, Silverton, Ouray, Snow Mass area, and a wide range of points of interest along the way. Wish us luck, as we'll be living out of hammocks for two weeks. What an adventure it will be. I can't wait!


We would love to hear any suggestions and or comments on the above up and coming products, as well as suggestions for new products or testing you would like to see. We love comments and feedback both good and bad.

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