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Tenere 700 Skid Plate Front Right

Tenere 700 Skid Plate

SKU: S-900009

Product is in testing phase. Availability soon!


The Tenere 700 is an amazingly versitile motorcycle platform. In stock form, it's capable of some fairly capable off road riding. If you've suddenly found yourself lurking deeper into the unpaved areas that have you questioning  the integrity of your OEM aluminum foil skid plate, then you're in the right place! Obstacle traversals while offroad have damage consequences, and protection to your oil filter, oil pan, and exhaust, should not be left to chance.

That's why we've designed our Tenere skid plate with real world use and abuse in mind. First, we kept the front of our skid plate high, providing excellent header protection from front wheel rock trajectories. Next, we reinforced the front end with a secondary bracket designed to drastically stiffen the stucture. Then we integrated a 304 stainless steel rear mounting point that supports the back end and bottom of the skid plate, where most impacts occur. Our rear mounting location keeps the bottom of our skid plate smooth with no obstructions, also maximizing critical ground clearance.


We are manufacturing our skid plates from 4mm (.160in) thick 5052-H32 aluminum, then anodize and laser etch for an extremely durable finish that is ready for salt, rocks, and mud. Additionally, all mounting hardware is high strength alloy steel, plated for environmental protection.

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    Motorcycle Models: 2019-2021 Tenere 700 US Model