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EBC Clutch Kit, XR650L XR600R XR650R, Cork

Clutch Rebuild Kit

Complete clutch kit. Anti-swell, alloy impregnated heavy duty fiber plate facings provide smooth clutch take up and allow modulation, unlike paper clutches which tend to snatch. Complete engine set of friction plates. HD springs and steel separator plates prevent premature driven plate wear, oil muddying and loss of stack height. EBC clutch kits are built with swaged aluminum carriers which spread the load on the clutch basket and prevent clutch basket "dogging".


Cork Option

DRC Dirt Racer clutch kits give smooth clutch take-up, using anti-swelling, alloy-impregnated, heavy-duty, cork-based facing for long-lasting and reliable clutch kits. Matches OEM quality and performance.


Carbon Fiber Option

EBC DRCF MX race clutch kits are the ultimate Moto-X and ATV heavy-duty clutch kits designed for race use. These kits feature carbon fiber lined clutch plates, plus a full set of steel plates and heavy-duty springs. These kits are ideal for the higher torque generated in modern 4-stroke engines. Put more power to the ground with EBC DCRF MX race clutch kits.

Kit Includes:

  • Clutch Springs
  • Fiber Plates
  • Steel Plates
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