XR600R Hotcam - Stage 1

XR600R Hot Cam - Stage 1

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The XR600R stage 1 hotcam provides excellent midrange and top-end power increase while using the stock valve springs and rockers. Includes instructions for break-in procedure and new intake/exhaust backlash specs.


Note that this cam does not use the auto-decompression mechanism.



  • Exhaust Cam Lobe Duration at 1mm 258°
  • Exhaust Cam Lobe Lift 8.800mm
  • Intake Cam Lobe Lift 8.800mm
  • Intake Lobe Duration at 1mm 258°


Valve Lash:

Exhaust Cam Valve Lash 0.200mm (.008in)

Intake Cam Valve Lash 0.150mm (.006in)


Hotcam Model: 1004-1


    XR650L motorcycles (1993-Present)
    XR600R motorcycles (1985-2000)


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